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The Reverend Jimmie Bratcher – The Electric Rev

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The Rev. Jimmie Bratcher is an honest-to-gosh man of the cloth, along with being a pretty hot blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Based in Kansas City, MO, Bratcher brings, as one might expect, a strong gospel influence to his blues music and the songs contained on his latest CD release The Electric Rev., are entertaining and uplifting at the same time. Bratcher uses his music as part of his ministry to preach the word to both the churched and un-churched alike and takes his blues and his message everywhere and anywhere he is needed. He plays in venues ranging from blues clubs to churches to correctional institutions, bringing the Word with him. If his sermons are anything like his CD, Rev. Bratcher surely has a large and growing congregation, as he is one of the more unique and talented characters on the roots music scene today.

The Electric Rev Cover

The Electric Rev Cover

When preaching time comes, Bratcher really turns it on, as evidenced on the CD’s opening cut “Call On Me”. The song calls those struggling in their lives and marriages to call on Jesus, letting them know that He is there with them through their darkest hour, all over a sweet gospel groove. Bratcher lays his soul bare on this and other cuts here and speaks directly to what is good in all of us, which is what makes his message understandable by all types of people, not just the already devout. Other highlights on the record include “Green Bananas”, “Pray For Me”, and “Cadillac”. Those looking for a different flavor in the music they love or for deeper lyrical content than the typical big-legged-woman-fuss-fight-boogie themes found in much of the blues may find what they seek as part of Bratcher’s flock.

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