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Recently Sherri and I were visiting some friends who have a few acres in the country. They have all the stuff that goes along with living in the country including some ATV’s. My friend asked me if I wanted to go ride “well yeah”! So we mounted up and took off. Not knowing where I was going I pulled in behind my friend and started to follow him.

With only a few seconds into the ride I start to realize that I was eating a whole lot of his dust. But hey I’m a man, I can take it. So we drove, down a couple of paved roads then it happened, gravel! The road suddenly turned to gravel and I was not in a good place. A few moments later he stopped and asked. “So do you know the way back from here? You lead.” I think I did know the way back but I hesitated with a timid no! So back on the road eating gravel dust all the way back to the house. Although dusty I had made up my mind not to complain and to just be grateful for the wind in my hair even though now it was covered in gravel dust and stiff.

So whats the point is following bad? No following is not bad at least not all the time. Following is bad when you’re suppose to be leading and you talk yourself out of it because of your own insecurity. In my post “Talking Myself Out of Things” I talked about this and I must say since then it has been interesting. I hope that post had the same effect on you that it did on me. I was suddenly aware how much I talk myself out of things and I am working hard to short that process in my heart. No more following my friend down a gravel road. That’s for sure.