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A pastor friend of mine Brett Roberts wrote posted this a few days ago on Facebook.

“The world voted. In their eyes, the church has been irrelevant and ineffective. Our communities voted. In their eyes, we have been irrelevant and ineffective. At what point do we honestly ask ourselves, ” Is what we are doing really working for people”? “Is this really working for more people than just those that fill the seats in our buildings”? I’m thankful for church prayer meetings and “fellowship”, but if those times don’t inspire us and provoke us to fulfill the great commission then we are missing the big picture. We, the church are here for messed up people. We are not here to simply think up new ways to make religious people comfortable.‪”

My response was “Preach on brother… Now let’s quit talking, put down the chicken wing and do something.”

You know me I’m that guy who tries to see the good in everything. But at some point I’m like Popeye “I’ve stood all I can stands and I can’t stands no more.”  I think we can use a new church growth idea, what about you?

So lets put quit talking to ourselves about ourselves, put down the chicken wing, get out the boat and make some new friends. Make friends on purpose with people who don’t believe like we do. If you’re not all judgmental and bound up you’ll have a blast. One tip, wash your hands before you start. Nobody likes to shake hands with someone who has chicken grease all over their hands. How is that for a church growth idea? Better yet how is that for a kingdom growth idea?

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