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Restless for the roadI’m feeling restless, restless for the road! Our house is about ¼ mile from Interstate I-29 and when the wind is just right I hear it. Some Harley blasting north on the highway and it makes me restless for the road. Why? Cause I know in just a few weeks we will be in The White Pearl blasting up that same interstate heading to STURGIS… The White Pearl doesn’t quite sound the same but the emotions are the same!

This year is going to be the best ever and as always we need your help. Why the best ever? We’ve been invited back to The Legendary Buffalo Chip. They are giving us a prime time spot on The Jagermeister Stage. We will be Restless for the roadperforming/ministering 11 times at Sturgis and I am very excited to be back at The Chip.

I do need your help. Our budget for this year is $19,409.68. Will you help us with the budget? This includes travel, lodging, food, 2500 Bike Blessing CD’s, the band and a sound person. The kingdom impact of these events are remarkable. You can contribute by clicking here

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more with you the importance of this event. This is where harvest begins. Planting one seed at a time in the hearts of people and very seed/person is extremely valuable.