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Good & Bad Music

Christian vs. Secular Music

I was asked by a friend/follower this question.

The question, “Rev. Been following you for years and always inspired by your testimony and music. Just wondering why you have chosen to go secular in your music?”

My response, Thanks for following thru the years. What you ask is a big question and I will try to answer as best as I can.

First, I am not ashamed of the gospel, never have been and I pray that I never will. I boldly proclaim the gospel in some very dark places, and I love doing that.

Second, starting with my RED album in 2005 I began to write songs in a Parable style. Hey, if it’s good enough for Jesus to speak in Parables then it’s good enough for me, right? So some of my writing since then has been along those lines. However, almost every song I have ever recorded I can take you to chapter and verse in The Bible and preach a sermon from the song. Like from my latest album This is Blues Country the opening song is a Hank Williams song titled Honky Tonk Blues. If you listen to the song it is the story of the prodigal son straight from Luke 15. Some of the songs from that album are about heartache and loss The Bible speaks plainly to these emotions and these songs do as well.

There are only two types of music, good & bad. Music cannot be Christian because to be a Christian requires a living soul that means you have to be a human being to be a Christian. I prefer the term gospel music over Christian anyway. I understand that we use these concepts to identify the meaning of the music.

Also for us, our ministry is committed to be both inside the church and outside the church. So some of the albums I do are because we are targeting the outside group. Hoping that we can influence them in a positive way toward Jesus. We call those albums “missions projects”. Those are not for a church group but for a group of people who don’t know anything about Jesus. So we bring them something that they can understand and then plant seeds throughout. In Mark 4, in the parable of the sower you will notice that the sower was the worst farmer ever! He threw seed on the  road, in the bushes, he threw seed everywhere. Why? Where the seed landed was not his concern. Getting seed out of his hand was his commission. Also, in Mark 4 note that everywhere the seed landed, it did something! I believe that when we sow seeds of the gospel no matter how small, they do something. We also do these types of mission projects because it help us in getting live performance gigs. It has and is opening many doors for us in many fabulous music venues outside of the church.

My newest album title New Old Stuff however is for the church group. It is a collection of some of my favorite hymns, gospel songs and some of my old songs rearranged. It is start to finish, chapter and verse Jesus and Bible.  

I will continue as long as I can to produce, write, preach and sing both inside and outside of the church. As a ministry we are equally committed to both. Why? Jesus is our example and that’s the way He did ministry and more than anything we want to follow His example.

Peace, Jimmie

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